Chinoy Festival celebrates the new year with ground firecrackers at the Chinatown Center, and with dragon dances and lion dances in major malls and hotels.

February 14

Love Affair with Nature lets citizens express their love for Mother Nature as they participate in mangrove tree planting activities.

March 4

Balayong Festival commemorates the founding anniversary of Puerto Princesa highlighted by street dancing, float parade and palnting of Palawan Cherry Blossoms.


Pangalipay sa Baybay is a summer extravaganza at the baywalk. Activities kick off with parade and fireworks display, dance competition, cheerdancing and boat race. 

Grand Santacruzan is a religio-historical beauty pageant held in many cities, towns and even small villages throughout the Philippines. 

May 31


Pista y ang kagueban is a time when citizens celebrate the Feast of the Forest and plant thousands of different tree species.

Tandikan Festival celebrates tourism month with great performances, exotic cuisines and a showcase of various talents and services in the local tourism industry.


Kalag-kalag Festival celebrates the city's local version of Halloween. Some of its highlights include a zombie run contest, horror hip-hop dance contest and creepiest costume contest. 


Subaraw Festival is a fun-and-activity-filled celebration of Puerto Princesa’s very rich biodiversity.



Light a Tree is a merry event where a giant Christmas tree is lit up to start the Yuletide Season. This comes with Christmas carols, dances and music.